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Careers Possible

By E.W., 10/12/12             With many Gusties working to juggle school, extra-curricular activities, a social life, and sleep, it is understandable why many skip the on-campus career events; adding one more thing with throw them completely off-balance. And anyways, the CSL will always have another one, right? Although that may […]

Wall Street Journal – Preparing for Future

By E.W., 10-4-12 The only thing more frightening than transitioning from high school to college is transitioning from college into the real world. However, just as there were steps to help you prepare for college life, there is now a strategy that aims to help current college students make the most of their time in […]

Health Career Explorations

By E. W., 10/04/2012             For those of you who are interested in the medical field after graduation, you probably think you have a clear idea of have sector of medicine you want to practice. While you might feel confident in your decision, take a moment to consider how much […]

Peer Career Advisors

By E. W., 10-2-12 To help kick-off the new school year, the Center for Servant Leadership unveiled a new program meant to help students as they prepare for a life after college. The Peer Career Advisors, a group of students trained to aid in career development, not only provide more convenient evening hours for Gusties, […]

Gustie Jobs

by E.W., Sept 28, 2012 Think LinkedIn meets Gustavus. This is more or less GustieJobs; the Center for Servant Leadership’s newest job-searching aid offered on the Career Development page of the Gustavus website. The site is much like LinkedIn, but is specifically made with Gusties in mind. As a Gustavus student, you are already signed […]

Paid vs Nonpaid Internships

While employers may like to hear of your willingness to do volunteer work, it turns out that they are not as impressed when they see your willingness to take an unpaid internship. In a recent nationwide survey done by NACE of over 45,000 college graduates, 60% of students who had a paid internship while in […]

MSU Conflict Resolution Training Opportunity

As the world continues to rely more heavily on technology to interact, there is an increasing desire for companies to find employees with the skills to not only speak face-to-face, but also to resolve disputes face-to-face. To help people gain the necessary skills in mediation as well as conflict resolution, Minnesota State University, Mankato is […]

Making the Most of Your Shadowing Experiences

Re-Posted Tuesday, July 17, 2012, Original Posting on on February 16, 2012 How did you decide that you wanted to become a physician…a nurse…a physical therapist? Chances are you learned about these health careers by seeing them portrayed on TV shows, or perhaps inspired by seeing a member of the health care team in […]

Still Looking for a Job?

Seniors: If you are still looking for a job or starting a job….I have been asked by a faculty person to share the below info….we are hoping that these things don’t apply to Gusties…but just in case I share them! The main thing is – you are smart! Use good judgement in putting your best self […]

Jibber Jobber

While landing a job may be hard, finding a legitimate website that helps you obtain a job can be just as difficult. Students must search for reputable websites that are able to do a variety of tasks while at the same time keeping the job hunt as organized as possible. These are some of the […]