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Posted on December 7th, 2012 by

By E.W.

Forbes Magazine recently published a story on their website stating the six things college students should start doing now to put themselves in the best position to get a job after college.
  1. Create a LinkedIn profile: This one you can start right now and add when you have time. You can upload your resume, cover letter, and writing samples to show any number of employers your abilities. Furthermore, LinkedIn is a great way to network. Also according to the article, companies check LinkedIn for potential employees, and having one shows that you are up to date on current business trends.
  2. Create a presence online through a blog: Unfortunately, Facebook and Twitter don’t count much for an online presence; however, writing something work related, or at least about a passion will show employers your ability to be consistent and creative. If you’re not sure where to set up a blog, the article suggests WordPress.
  3. Get an internship as soon as you can: Internships are a big deal, and the sooner you can get one, the better. Internships not only help make connections, but they also give you work related experience. Even if you get an internship you aren’t crazy for, or don’t know exactly what sort of internship you want to do, landing an internship will help you find your true passion before you start looking for a long-term career.
  4. Find a mentor: At college, it is easy to simply rely on a professor or advisor as a mentor. However, the Forbes article suggests finding somebody in your field of interest to serve as a guide. Furthermore, don’t limit yourself to just one person; find multiple people who actively do what you are interested in and let them guide you. This will also help with networking.
  5. Use the school’s career service office: In this case, the Center for Servant Leadership. The people at the CSL are there to help you succeed after you leave Gustavus. Take advantage of this! Simply make an appointment at the desk, and the staff will answer your questions and give advice so you can take the next step in landing your dream job.
  6. Join an industry-specific group on campus: If you know what field you’re interested in joining, see if Gustavus offers a club for it. For example, if you are planning to be a dentist, sign up for the pre-dentistry club. If there is no club that fits your path, find one that is related. Perhaps you are interested in editing but noticed there is not a specific editing club; in this case, you could become an editor of the Firethrone or an employee at the campus writing center. Or, if you can’t find anything related, start your own club (starting your own campus group will show initiative and would look impressive on a resume).


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