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By E. W. 
            Remember that time when you had a question, but you were afraid to ask because you were pretty sure it was stupid? And remember how later you regretted not asking because as it turned out other people had the same question and knowing the answer would have saved you time and effort? Yeah, so does everybody else. For all those Gusties out there who have questions related to careers but don’t want to ask, there is now a new site that allows you to post your questions. And the best part? It is completely anonymous.
            How the website works is pretty simple. You type a question into the box on the main page, and then push the “ask” button. If you are a new user, you will then be sent to a page to fill out some general information (this is to prevent spam). Your question is then submitted to numerous hiring and recruiting experts from various companies such as General Mills, Schwan Food Company, AT&T, MetLife, and IBM. According to the site, you should receive an answer within several days.
            Overall, this site is very user-friendly. JOBipedia does not contain advertisements, so you will never get distracted or annoyed by large banners. Likewise, all the information is completely confidential, so you will never have to worry about spam collecting in your inbox. If you do not have a specific question of your own, it is easy to just search through other inquiries and answers. Unfortunately, because the site was launched only a month ago, there are relatively few entries. If you find yourself on the site, make sure to click a link that will bring you to a job search engine. This site, just like JOBipedia is easy to maneuver through and offers great job listings.  


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