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By E. W., 11/9/12
Once again, jobs in the technology and finance industry boast some of the largest increases in job openings as companies continue to expand.  Yet, obtaining the best employees isn’t always easy. To help with this problem, two different salary reports, the Office Team Salary Guide and the Robert Half Salary Guide, offer advice to employers on how to attract the ideal candidates. What does all this information mean for Gustie grads with financial or tech degrees?
First, do your research. If you still are unsure of what the future holds for you, look at different companies who are hiring and figure out which offers you the best package. Companies are willing to do a lot more these days than just give you a salary. Find out how employee-friendly different employers are. For example, does a company offer tuition assistance if you decide to further your education? Is there a workout room? How about a daycare for the children you might want to have someday? You know what you are willing to do for a company, so why shouldn’t you know what the company is willing to do in return?
Second, learn how to communicate well in both writing and speaking. The Office Team Salary Guide states that employers want to know that you will be able to work effectively in both individual and team settings. Make sure your resume, cover letter, and interview reflect your abilities. Also, brush up your skills in a second language. English may be the language of the business world, but the ability to speak another language will always give you one up on your competition.
Third, no matter how good you think you are with computer applications like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, you could always be better. Employers want their employees to have proficiency in all of the Office applications. Likewise, study up on social media outlets and how they can be used in the business world. As companies begin to turn more to social media, they need employees who not only understand how to use it but who can also use it to its full potential.
Fourth, consider what work you actually want to do and the possible need for graduate school to gain a more specific education. According the Robert Half Salary Guide, the top positions in demand are financial analysts, accountants, compliance officers, auditors, and cost accountants. While you might be able to do any of these jobs without further education, the same guide suggests that a master’s degree, especially in business administration, continues to remain a valuable asset.
Jobs are out there, especially for graduates with degrees in finance and technology. If you would like more information on either of the salary reports, try searching the internet for specific jobs or stop into the CSL.


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