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With Baby Boomers’ increasing reluctance to leave their jobs in these unsure economic times and newly-hired college graduates ready to make their mark on the world, it’s no wonder that heads are butting in the work place. To help bridge this generation gap, Boom Lab is showing the business world how young employees can be taught key aspects of the business world without the “years of experience.”
 Boom Lab’s founder Charlie Anderson has made it the goal of his company to train and mentor recent graduates as they take on the roles of technology or finance consultants. Anderson states that while recent graduates cannot bring twenty years of experience to a job, their experience growing up with social media and computer technology gives them a proficiency that their older coworkers are might not have. Furthermore, the lessons his employees learn at Boom Lab allow them to work in an effective partnership with people twice or three times their age.
One of the largest problems Anderson has noticed is that Millennials communicate differently than Baby Boomers.  For any company to be successful, all employees must learn how to communicate with their coworkers as well as their superiors. Recent grads, for example, must remember the importance of being respectful and attentive. This means calling your boss by the correct title and his or her last name (e.g. Ms. Smith), taking notes, and being on time. While Anderson also has tips for older employers, younger employees must be aware that they are allowed to ask questions and that prioritizing by your boss’ schedule is more important than prioritizing with your own.
If you are interested in learning more about Boom Lab, visit their website at theboomlab. com. The CSL can also give great tips for effective communication. 


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