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By E.W., 10-4-12

The only thing more frightening than transitioning from high school to college is transitioning from college into the real world. However, just as there were steps to help you prepare for college life, there is now a strategy that aims to help current college students make the most of their time in school so that once they leave, they will be prepared to meet reality head on. Emily Glazer of the Wall Street Journal recently published an article that laid out a year-by-year guide to help students as they figure out their career plans.
Glazer starts with freshman year suggesting first-years take writing and public speaking classes; basically, classes that teach you skills that are applicable to any career. She also encourages continuing a second language, taking on several activities, as well as beginning a relationship with the career-services office (e.g., the Center for Servant Leadership at Gustavus). During the summer after your first-year, she advises finding a job that interests you and allows you to explore your interests.
Once you return for your sophomore year, Glazer urges you to take classes that will teach you math skills that are useful in everyday life. She also advises narrowing down your list of activities to those that interest you most and focusing on them rather than juggling numerous ones that might not mean as much. To make the most of summer, sophomore students should try to take on an internships that will allow them to explore possible fields of interest. Be sure to start your search early, however; internships are competitive and will fill up fast.
By junior year, Glazer points out that you should be ready to declare a major if you haven’t already. She also states that it is a good idea to begin networking with professors and alumni. If you haven’t had an internship yet, “this is the time to land one,” Glazer writes. Once again, it is suggested that you visit the career services office to help organize and perfect your résumés and cover letters.

By the time you enter your senior year of college, you don’t have much time to make up for lost ground. Hopefully, by now you have had at least one internship and now have a better idea of what life after college might hold for you career-wise. To make yourself stand-out, Glazer advises that you continue to take electives that build on your interests and your experiences. Likewise, try to obtain a leadership position in an organization that will show an employer your willingness to take on responsibility.

If you are interested in reading the full article, copy and paste the link into your search bar, < http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390443855804577601250967842174.html ?KEYWORDS=class+of+2016>.  By following the suggestions Glazer lists in her article, as well as the ideas laid out by the Center for Servant Leadership and your advisor, you will have the skills and confidence necessary to face the real world after you leave Gustavus. 


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