Still Looking for a Job?

Posted on May 23rd, 2012 by


If you are still looking for a job or starting a job….I have been asked by a faculty person to share the below info….we are hoping that these things don’t apply to Gusties…but just in case I share them! The main thing is – you are smart! Use good judgement in putting your best self forward when pursuing your career goals! Cynthia

1. Don’t come to interviews displaying all of your body piercings, body art, and tattoos.
2. Don’t lie during your interview; conduct yourself as if you will be subjected to a polygraph test
3. Do a Google search on your name; make sure there is no inappropriate content that is viewable on your Facebook page
4. Don’t do drugs; even single or recreational use is forbidden – further, don’t lie about your drug use
5. Tell your parents not to follow up on YOUR interview with the hiring agency
6. Don’t start your cover letter with ‘Hey’…
7. Don’t use texting writing style in preparing narrative responses as part of your application

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