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While landing a job may be hard, finding a legitimate website that helps you obtain a job can be just as difficult. Students must search for reputable websites that are able to do a variety of tasks while at the same time keeping the job hunt as organized as possible. These are some of the exact problems that businessman Jason Alba hoped to solve with his website JibberJobber. Although the name is unusual, this site offers an array of features to optimize job searches. Gustavus senior and management major Rachel Crowley can attest to its benefits. Before JibberJobber, Crowley used her phone to set reminders and utilized numerous folders to organize her resumes and cover letters. Now, however, she says JibberJobber, “combines all my applications and categorizes them into industry, job position or whatever else is easiest for me to look through them.” JibberJobber also allows her to make reminders and search for jobs directly from the website. Another advantage that Crowley finds useful is that the site lists other jobs that might fit her based on previous searches.
Fairly new to the site, Crowley admits that she is still learning how to use it. And while she states that it might seem overwhelming at the beginning, tutorials as well as a few searches through the actual site are very helpful. Initial sign up is free, but the site does offer two upgrade options for small monthly fees. JibberJobber also holds webinars every Wednesday morning to all of its users to help make the website more user friendly. If you are interested in learning more about JibberJobber, check out the website at http://www.jibberjobber.com/login.php
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