Applying on-line is easy, but not always effective!

Posted on March 20th, 2012 by

Some ideas to make yourself a person, not one of a million electronic applications:
Use– it will search the employers of your Facebook friends for job openings, if you see one you like, click on it and send a message to your friend for more info
Use– go to MORE and visit the Learning Center; Join the Gustavus Adolphus College Alumni Group, search the group for employers you are interested in, message alums asking for advice/suggestions
Facebook/Twitter: Follow employers of interest on Facebook and/or Twitter – ask them questions, follow their advice; this will help you to start building a relationship with them, you will become known as a candidate who is interested in them.  You can also follow Companies on LinkedIn
Information Interviews:  Find people doing work you are interested in and ask if they would be willing to meet you in person or by phone for a short (no more than 20 minutes) conversation about what they do; ask for their advice and suggestions for job search – do not expect them to get you a job!  Another way that the LinkedIn Gustavus Alumni Group helps you in your search – ask an alum for an informational interview about their company or position
Job Shadows: Find people doing what you are interested in and ask if you could spend an hour, a half day, or day with them to learn about what they do
Get Help: Tell family and friends what you are looking for and ask them to keep an eye out and send you position openings, names of people to contact or to send your resume on to others who may be looking for candidates
Attend Events: Whenever possible, attend eventswhere you can meet employers in person – on campus: Careers Possible, Internship Fair, Health Fair, career panels, etc.; off campus: Gov’t/Non Profit Fair, MN Private Colleges Job and Internship Fair, Pathways to Careers in Communications/BioScience/Arts, MN Education Job Fair
Attend Networking Opportunities: Watch on www.linkedin.comfor Gustavus alumni happy hours, breakfasts, etc. and attend with resume in hand
Professional Associations: Join at the usually much lower student rate, get access to membership lists on websites, attend meetings and events, always have your resume with and be prepared to say what you are looking for
Agencies: Use staffing agencies to find opportunities!  They often have access to entry level jobs that employers do not post.  This is especially true for the sciences.  Grad Staff, Genesis 10, Aerotek, and Lab Support are a few examples. 


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