Internship Fair Recap

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Last Wednesday, the Center for Servant Leadership held its annual Internship Fair. With over twenty different companies and organizations attending, students were able to meet with representatives to learn more about potential internship opportunities. For those who are not necessarily business savvy, though, making a good strong impression may be easier said than done. However, recruiters, students, and professors have tips to help you land the internship you want.
Representative Rebecca Glaser from Amicus Publishing first stresses the importance of being prepared. She says that it is best to, “research the companies you want to talk to” before the actual fair so that you can prepare questions ahead of time. Additionally, knowing about the businesses or organizations beforehand helps to ready you for any questions the recruiter might ask. Stephanie Leill and Kaleb Rumicho, representatives from Senator Klobuchar’s office, agree that being prepared is essential. They also add that students should look as professional as possible and have résumés prepared to give to the recruiters the day of the fair. Girl Scouts of America recruiters Heather Ballman and Katherine Weber likewise encourage students to take the time to consider what they have to offer the organization or company. By examining your strengths in relation to the organization, you can better show recruiters that you are a serious candidate.
While the recruiters have great advice, Gustavus students also have helpful tips for their fellow classmates. Junior Management and Psychology double major Mandi Turnquist reminds students to speak respectively to the recruiters. Although this might seem like a no-brainer, make sure everything about your presentation, from your clothes to your speech, is respectable. Turnquist also adds that it is important to look the representatives in the eye as you speak to them. Sophomore Psychology major Pat Tracy believes that all students should consider going to at least one fair because they offer good practice for future career opportunities. Although both students are at different places along their career pathes, both agree that attending internship fairs provide a great chance to network oneself.
In fact, the actual internship itself is a great way to make connections. Professor in Economics and Management Katherine Tunheim states that up to 40% of new hires come from internship programs. Even if you are not asked to stay on full-time, internship experience looks great on résumés. For those interested, there are multiple internship and job fairs around the state. Professor Tunheim specifically encourages sophomores and juniors to attend the Minnesota Private College Job Fair held every February. Additionally, like both the recruiters and students, Professor Tunheim stresses the importance of being prepared. She states, “Recruiters can tell very quickly how serious a student is by the readiness of his or her resume, dress, handshake, knowledge about the company and the questions asked.”
If you missed the Internship Fair this year, there are still plenty of career-related opportunities available. On Wednesday, March 14th, there will be a Health Professional Fair held in the Heritage Room from 11:30 to 2:30. On March 27th, the Minnesota Private Colleges Career Consortium will be sponsoring the Pathways to Communication Careers event on the University of Minnesota campus. If you are interested, see the CSL for registration information. The CSL will also be hosting Gustavus alum businessman Bob Molhoek on April 30th. Molhoek will be giving a presentation about how to be successful in the business world.
If you have any questions about upcoming events or need help preparing for anything career related, set up an appointment at the CSL for help.

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