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As our world is becoming increasingly computerized, more companies are using technology to sort through potential job candidates. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reports that some employers are looking at a candidate’s online presence, not résumé, when considering him or her for a position. With this in mind, many people have begun to build up their online profiles. Although Twitter, Tumblr, and Dopplr accounts offer insights into the candidates’ personality, sites like LinkedIn offer benefits to the potential employer as well as to the profile holder.
            From the eyes of the employer, LinkedIn offers a one-stop-shop without all the paper. By looking at a potential candidate, an employer can see an entire résumé along with recommendations. The employer can also get a sense of how a candidate would fit into the work environment by looking at the listed interests and honors/awards received. On the other hand, by maintaining an account on LinkedIn, a profile holder can look and apply for jobs directly from the site. Job seekers can also join groups that allow them to connect with others that may share similar education and career paths. For example, after being accepted into the Gustavus Adolphus College Alumni group, alumni of the college can message others in the group for advice and recommendations.
            Overall, LinkedIn is a user friendly site. Setting up a profile is free and relatively easy. However, because the site has so much to offer, completing and updating a profile can be confusing, especially to those who are not familiar with the site. Fortunately, LinkedIn offers tutorials that teach users how to make the most of what it offers. The Center for Servant Leadership can also provide insight to those wanting to set up and make the most of their LinkedIn account. 
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