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By Elizabeth Weiers, 1/9/12

The Center for Servant-Leadership hit the ground running this new year with January Jump Start. The event, held last Thursday, offered Gustavus students a long list of various activities and events to take advantage of while on campus this J-Term. Containing150 different activities (in celebration of Gustavus’ sesquicentennial), the list suggests movies to watch, books to read, and even questions to think about and discuss. Also among the 150 different items are ideas to help prepare those gearing up for job applications and interviews. Compiled by the CSL staff, the activities on the list range greatly to fit a variety of personalities and schedules.
Through events like January Jump Start, the CSL hopes to bring in students who are less acquainted with the center. Senior Economics and Psychology double major Anna Nelson and junior Biologyand Scandinavian Studies double major Dawn Comstock both agree that the CSL is more than just a place to get help for a resume. In fact, with help from the staff at the CSL, both women were able to obtain an internship through the Mayo Innovation Scholarship Program. Vincent Thomas, the Internship Director for the Center for Servant-Leadership, believes that because the CSL is relatively young, “students don’t realize yet the full benefits.” However, he hopes that by holding events like January Jump Start, students will become more acquainted with the center area and staff members in addition to learning what the center has to offer during students’ four years at Gustavus. Throughout the month of January, students have numerous opportunities to stop into the CSL including Knitting Club on Tuesdays, Tea Time Thursdays and Fondue Friday on Jan. 13.

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