Ideas for Productively Procrastinating Over Fall Break

Posted on October 21st, 2011 by

I know that you are all excited for some R&R this fall break.  But while you are putting off writing that paper or doing any actual reading for reading break here are some ideas for productively procrastinating!

  • Clean up. If you are home – this is a great time to have some bonding time with your Mom and do your laundry together.  If your still on campus – it’s still a good time to get it done while there are less people on campus to steal the machines.  There’s almost always a mess to be cleaned up or laundry to be done.  Whether you’ve been putting off washing clothes, or cleaning up the dishes and cups from your party study-session with a small group of friends that you had over the weekend – now is the perfect time to get these things done.  Doing some ‘housekeeping’ will make it easier for you to concentrate and be productive!
  • Update your resume. You never know when an internship or a job opportunity will catch your eye, and how soon you might need to give it to someone.  If you are stuck on even starting a resume – stop by Career Development, WE LOVE HELPING STUDENTS!  And we’ll  make it really easy!  For tips on starting check out our website here. 
  • Practice performing. Even if you are not in the performing arts in college – take a break and sing “Glee”-style or have a solo dance party and bust out your moves before going to see “Footloose.” Either way you’ll have fun and it’s a great way to let off some steam. 
  • Check out classes for January and Spring Semester.  Classes are up on WebAdvisor for January and Spring Semester.  The inner nerd in you will love looking at courses and planning for registration.  Make sure you find one “fun” class that you can take just because you want to – not because you have to.  This also will keep your mom (or dad or other relative) off your back when they ask what you are going to take next semester!


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