Start of School and What is this place?!

Posted on September 14th, 2011 by

By: JMV 9/13/2011

Classes have started; the new building, Beck Academic Hall, is up and running; and the Center for Servant Leadership is officially open for business.

Constant questions are “Where is the Community Service Center?” “Is this the Career Center?” “I thought the CVR used to be here…?”
The answer to all of these is HERE, YES, IT STILL IS – just in a new name!  
The Center for Servant Leadership (or CSL as it is lovingly called by those who don’t care to spit out the mouthful of its full name) IS the Career Center, Center for Vocational Reflection, Church Relations and the Community Service Center….The only difference is its name and the location.  All these offices STILL offer the same Great services/programs/events!
Stop by today and check out our new space and say hi to all 14 of the staff members!
Have an awesome second week of class!

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