Fall Break To-Do List

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By Emma Strand, 10/22/2010

It’s finally the time of year we have all been longing for – FALL BREAK! After a couple stressful weeks of midterms, exams, and deadlines, it seems like the entire campus is ready for a few days of relaxation. I can’t wait to have my Mom do my laundry and eat a home-cooked meal! It will be a nice break from Easy Mac…

If the job and internship search has been stressing you out, Fall Break is a great time to get caught-up. While we hope you don’t spend too much time worrying about a job or internship over break, a few hours can make a big difference and will help ease the stress you may be feeling. So, where do you begin?

1. Log on to Gustie Jobs and update your profile. You don’t need to be a junior or a senior to use Gustie Jobs—anyone can benefit from this site. Your username is your student I.D. number followed by _gustavus (123456_gustavus). Your password is your birthday (12161988 = December 16, 1988). Explore the site and see what it has to offer! You’ll be surprised how many job and internship opportunities are posted.

2. Upload your resume to Gustie Jobs! This is especially important if you would like to apply for jobs and internships through the site. If you need help making or refining your resume, stop by the Career Center and pick up the booklet “Resumes and Cover Letters.” You can also check out books on resumes from the library. If you need further help, please set up an appointment with Cynthia Favre. You can do this by calling us at 507-933-7486 or stopping by the Career Center when you return from break.

3. If you are interested in doing a January Term career exploration or internship, take time to research potential sites. If you know you are doing a career exploration in your hometown, get the site supervisor’s signature and information while you are home for break. This is much easier than having to fax forms back and forth when you are at Gustavus. Internship forms are due Dec. 1st.

4. Visit the Career Center website and plan to attend our upcoming events. Information sessions for the Minnesota Private College Job and Internship Fair are taking place Nov. 1st-4th. Additionally, we have a webinar on Resumes coming up on Wednesday, Oct. 27th from 2:00—3:00 p.m.

5. If you are a first year or sophomore who is unsure about a major, reflect on the year so far and the classes you have taken. What do you enjoy? What don’t you enjoy? Talk with family and friends about your experiences thus far at Gustavus. Sometimes, an outside perspective can help you see things in a new light.

Enjoy your break, Gusties! Drive safely and take care of yourselves. We can’t wait to see you back on campus refreshed and ready for the second half of the semester. Remember, we are always here to help, so stop in anytime you’d like!


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