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World Cup Fever

Don’t you just love the World Cup?  The images from South Africa are stunning and make you think about what a wide, incredible world we live in.  Watching all the team gather brings to mind my list of places I want to travel.  Why not start crossing some of those countries off of your list?  […]

Softening the Blow

You had high hopes for this job.  The job requirements matched your skill set perfectly.  You aced your interviews.  And you imagined hearing those sweet words so many long to hear: “You’re hired.”Instead you got a rejection letter.  According to recent Department of Labor stats, there are nearly six people vying for every open position […]

Friendship is Golden

We all need friends – and when you are in the midst of a job search, they can be especially important to give you some emotional support and a chance to laugh for hours and de-stress.  And of course, friends can offer great job leads through their own connections.  But be aware of these potential […]

7 Deadly Sins…

…for New Hires Congratulations, you landed the job!  The hard part is over right?  Not exactly.  Your first few weeks in a new company are crucial.  And it’s not just mastering the technical skills that can bring challenges.  How you behave in your new work environment is just as, if not more, important. Avoid these […]