Fashion Friday: Summer Work Wear

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Now that summer is finally here (and graduation imminent) let’s go over two things:
First, the Career Center blog is going to be slowing down over the summer months – a post a week or so… That being said, we are here to serve!  If you want advice or have a suggestion for a post, just let me know and I will provide!  Email me at  Also remember that the Career Center will be open all summer to help with your job search, resumes, cover letters, etc – Keep ’em coming!
Secondly, let’s go over some ground rules with summer work wear.  It’s hot and sweaty out, but alas, you still need to dress for the office and not the beach.  Some general guidelines:


1) Check out your feet before wearing sandals.  Sandals can be work appropriate in many jobs, so long as they are not flip-flops or overtly sexy.  Before strapping yourself in though, make sure your feet are viewable – and remember that a pedicure will not cure all ills!  A sandal with a back that covers your heel would be a good choice for most people.
2) Avoid silk and linen if possible.  Silk doesn’t breathe and thus equals sweat stains, and linen really only looks great if you never have to sit down.  Better options include cotton, lightweight jersey, or lightweight wools.
3) If possible, bring a light purse to haul all of your belongings.  You should be able to find one in just about any fabric, including leather, if you seek one out.  The heavier bags, once weighed down with your planner and papers, can leave sweat stains against your body.  Nylon bags have the same reputation and are to be avoided – not to mention it’s hard to imagine a work-appropriate nylon bag…
4) Watch those hemlines.  Shorts can definitely be work appropriate – many stores call them “city shorts” and they are made of a dressier material and hit around the knee.  Short shorts?  Not a good idea – and if you are wondering if you can pull off a pair of shorts, then it’s best to leave them at home.  You’ll know a work pair of shorts when you see ’em!
5)  Summer dresses.  I love wearing summer dresses – one piece and your whole outfit is done!  Be careful about what constitutes as a summer dress though.  If it can also function as a beach cover-up, it should not go near the office.  On the other hand, frilly chiffon dresses look far better on a date than in a staff meeting.  Go over a classic, simple dress in a solid or plain print. 
See you next week!


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