Fashion Friday: Summer Internship Day 1

Posted on May 14th, 2010 by

Lots of you spend your summers interning, whether for academic credit or not.  Here’s how to start off on the right foot.
Ladies: It’s always best to over-dress the first day – If you saw employees in suits when you interviewed, you should also wear a suit.  Otherwise an outfit along these lines should fit the bill.  A lightweight wool trouser is perfect for summer (not too hot for outside, but you won’t freeze in the air conditioning) and can be found at j crew, Banana Republic, etc.  A charcoal gray is professional without being too harsh in the summer months.  A conservative sweater with a belt around it – go with the silver one here – paired with a blouse or nice cami underneath looks great on top.  Beware of cleavage – any cleavage is too much cleavage!  Save your open-toe heels for later – your new co-workers don’t need to see your feet on the first day, if ever.  Delicate, small earrings, a nice watch, and a structured bag finish your transformation from student to summer professional!  Add a smile, and it’ll go well – cheesy but so true.

Guys:  Again, it’s always best to overdress the first couple days until you know the lay of the land.  If all the other employees you saw at your interview were wearing suits and ties, you should too.  If not, be sure to wear nice dress pants.  A lightweight wool option will keep you cool.  A nice, but muted dress shirt goes on top with a black belt and black dress shoes to ground the look.  Wear a watch to visually tip your coworkers on to your time-efficient ways.  Nice and easy!      


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