Fashion Friday: On-Campus Fairs

Posted on March 5th, 2010 by

So we’ve already gone over what to wear to a huge, off-campus job fair.  March brings two fairs to campus – the Internship Fair on March 10th from 11-2 and the Health Professions Fair on March 17th from 11:30-2:30.  Both are located in the Heritage/St. Peter rooms so you can waltz into the campus center, chat with friends in the caf, and then swing on by and meet employers.  The logistics of this make wearing a suit not very fun.  I will not dissuade you from wearing a suit, but the on-campus fairs in March allow for a more student-friendly wardrobe.  We want all students (all years, all majors, and so on) to come and attire should not be a barrier!
So check out your own closet (or pile of clothes on the floor…) and pick something that will look presentable. And smell acceptable if you’re staring at your floor.  Suggestions (inspiration?) below.

For women, anything with a fitted, nipped-in, waist will make you look more put together.  Throw a belt over a cardigan or sweater if needed.  Heels will dress up regular pants.  Keep jewelry small and professional. 

Guys will want to go with a dark wash jean or khakis if you choose to stay away from dress pants.  Light wash jeans look extremely casual and show dirt much too easily.  Go easy on the distressing as well.  Beyond that, logos should be small or nonexistent.  A nice button-down, cardigan, or sweater will work well.  A watch adds a degree of professionalism and hints that you are an organized person.

So throw on your clothes and come visit us on March 10th and 17th!  Bring a resume if you have one, don’t worry if you don’t.  We (and the employers) are excited to see you there!


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