Fashion Friday: Second Interviews

Posted on February 26th, 2010 by

With the Job Fair a little over a week and a half ago, many Gusties are facing their second interviews.  Congrats!  Second interviews often lead to job or internship offers and thus are both incredibly exciting and nerve-wracking.  I found this page that offers great advice to prepare for your callback interview and goes over what to expect. 
Along the same line, let’s go over second interview attire for the college set.  Going into the next round gives you the advantage of already having a sense of the organization’s dress code.  If you found that you were extremely overdressed during the first round, this is your chance to adapt – Remember though that you always want to be more dressed-up than those who are interviewing you. They have the power and you don’t – impress them!  On the other hand, if you didn’t wear a tie or suit coat to the first interview and everyone you met was, make sure you have one on this time.  The second interview is not the time to relax and dress more casually.  Maintain the momentum.   
Since college budgets don’t allow for a wardrobe of multiple suits and dress shoes, don’t worry about wearing the same foundation when you head back into the organization.  They should understand your outfit limitations.  Great news though!  You can make your suit look like an entirely new outfit by switching your dress shirt and tie for guys, or wearing the pants with your suit jacket if you wore the skirt the first time for women (hence the great benefits of a three piece suit!).  Subtle cufflinks, watches, and earrings can make the outfit seem new as well. 
Finally, buff up those shoes again.  Heck, have your suit cleaned and pressed too.  These things are noticed!
A couple examples of first and second interview suit switch-a-roos:
Pretty straight forward for the guys – just change out the shirt and tie, and throw on some nice cufflinks.

Ladies will want to switch their top and jewelry – and wear the suiting bottom they didn’t wear to their first round.  Keep the suiting jacket! 

Good luck in those callbacks – we know you’re going to be great!!


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