Let it shine

Posted on December 10th, 2009 by

The service of Saint Lucia, a fantastic tradition here at Gustavus, was born of an incredible legend.  Lucia was a young girl, soon destined to be a bride.  Rebelling against tradition and social mores however, she gave her entire dowry to the poor, famine-wrought townspeople.  Piling as much as she could carry into her arms and hands, Lucia would personally bring the villagers food and drink.  She cleverly crafted the crown of candles to light her way so that she could lift as much as possible.  The sight of Lucia, in her white gown and glowing candles, brought hope, cheer, and a sense of goodwill to those around her.

At GAC women are nominated to serve as Saint Lucia based on five characteristics: academic achievement, spiritual leadership, charity, kindness, and service.  The woman picked to wear the crown of candles is truly someone to look up to, regardless of your gender.

If you strive to bring the qualities of charity, kindness, and service into your everyday life, look into the copious ways to volunteer on campus, in the local community, or up in the cities.

To take your passion a step further, pursue a career that would allow you to do good works on a daily basis.  Check out the MN Council of Nonprofits, Idealist, or the “Community Service” section of the Career Center library to get started and find a path that would fit you.

You too have the power to bring the light of hope, peace, and goodwill into the lives of others.  Gusties will shine!


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