Fashion Friday: Male Interview Attire – Keep it Simple

Posted on December 4th, 2009 by

Alright guys – As with most things fashion-related you have it easier than the ladies when it comes to dressing for an interview.  You are expected to look a certain, basic way and it will always be suitable.  To get a leg up over competition though, make sure your outfit is tailored to fit you (and not the high school you).  Clothes should skim the body, rather than being baggy.

Here’s your outfit:

1) A Suit.  Of course.  Make sure the jacket and pants are the same color or extremely subtle pattern.  Two button jackets are ideal for almost all body types.  Neutral colors such as a dark gray or navy will work best, as black can be seen as too severe for an interview – unless you are interviewing in a very conservative office.  Remember the advice I gave you here to ensure that your suit fits you as best it can.   

2) Dress shirt.  A solid, basic shirt (white or blue) in a high quality fabric.  If you feel like you need to bring a little extra something to your outfit, a french cuff shirt and cufflinks will fit the bill.  Otherwise stick with the staple dress shirt.

3) Solid Tie.  The interview isn’t the place to show off your wacky sense of humor in tie form, or to demonstrate your amazing sense of style with a trendy shade of kelly green on your neck – stick with a solid silk tie in a non-bright color.

4) Dress shoes.  Make sure you polish them the night before!  I guarantee the interviewer will sneak a glimpse.  No tassels please.

5) A Nice Watch.  Avoid anything too flashy, but some nice wristwear will give them impression that you are a man of business (and a punctual one at that!).

6) Briefcase or Portfolio.  Maybe not the patent croc skin in the picture above!  Make sure that you bring the essentials with you in a quality bag or binder.  A resume looks so much better coming out of a black leather portfolio than a red paper folder.  If you are interviewing for a tech position you may need to tote your laptop in – hence a nice briefcase.

 Beyond the clothing – avoid too much cologne, make sure your nails are short and trimmed, your belt should match your shoes, wear dark dress socks, and keep the watch as the only jewelry you wear.

And that’s all folks!  It seems too simple, but that’s really the idea.  Your friendly demeanor, fantastic personal qualities, and impressive past experiences are what will get you the job – The basic, respectful outfit will help the interviewer hone in on all that you would bring to the company and not be distracted by fancy or weird clothes.


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