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Ahh, November

November happens to be one of my favorite months of the year.  The deep slate-colored sky against the last orange and red leaves is stunning and introspective.  Home always seems extra cozy and filled with the smell of apple cider, chili, or pumpkin bread.  The chill in the air justifies woolly, warm sweaters, scarves, mittens, […]

Skyping for a Job…

You’ve probably Skyped before – to catch up with high school friends off across the country, to check in with your roommate while they study abroad, or to keep the flame of a long distance love alive.  Soon you may use it for another purpose – to land a job. To help cut costs, many companies […]

Your Health in the Workplace

So you got the job!  Hooray!  This in itself should relieve anxiety. Once you’ve started working however, you’ll find that it can be similar to school – demands pile up and you can be stretched too far.  Job Stress can hit.  While usually not too serious, job stress can accumulate to a debilitating level.  Nip it […]

Your Job Search & Your Health

Here is the first of two posts about Jobs and Health (not to be confused with jobs in health) in honor of the Wellness Fair taking place all day tomorrow! Getting started…The Pathways Booklet strives to integrate all aspects of your college career into your resume – molding you into a well-rounded candidate and helping […]

November Book of the Month

….is…..150 Best Jobs for a Better Worldby Laurence Shatkin and the Editors at JIST! What if every week at work you not only earned a paycheck, but helped to improve the lives of others?  What if every time you punched in for your work day, you addressed problems of disease, ignorance, hunger, crime, pollution, or […]

Intern at the U.S. Department of Treasury!

The intensive, 15 week long internship is located in the heart of Washington, DC!  Students will receive a scholarship that will cover the cost of furnished housing through The Washington Center, along with a stipend. What you need to qualify: U.S. citizenship To be majoring in Mathematics, Accounting, Finance or Economics with a GPA of […]