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Happy Thanksgiving!

Now’s the time to put any and all stress over school, your future, or other looming events out of your mind and focus on your blessings (and the food in front of you of course).  We here in the Career Center are a thankful bunch!  Working in a warm, encouraging environment like Gustavus with fantastic students and colleagues makes us thankful for our jobs on a daily basis.  Other things we are thankful for…

Kathy is thankful that her family lives in close by, for her new and healthy grandson, for her home and her dog, and that she is able to live in a nice and safe community (St. Peter!).
Cynthia is thankful for all the students she gets to meet and work with, and for students who let her know when they are offered a job!
Kristen H is thankful for her family, friends, her health, and for having a job that she loves.
Brian is thankful for his good health, his fun-loving kids, and will be thankful when everyone returns to campus safely after break!
Heather is thankful for her health, her family, and their her two adorable, healthy little boys.
I (Kristen N) am thankful for my family, my hilarious little puppy, our cozy new home, and the opportunity to be back at GAC.
How about you??

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