Cluttered Desk, Cluttered Mind

Posted on November 12th, 2009 by

We here in the Career Center are planning a major organization overhaul of our Graduate Schools area (I have four massive Container Store bags in my office) and I’m feeling inspired.  I thought I would hate buying all the files and binders were are using – that it would be like visiting a scrapbooking store (ick) – but instead all I could feel was the potential for what a great, organized life I could lead!
Take this cooler, windy, grayish day and organize your dorm room.  Find the Windex and  Lysol wipes that you stashed in some corner and wipe down every surface you can reach.  Pile up assignments and books in the order you need to finish them.  Even make your bed!  Once you are sitting in your beautiful, pristine, less smelly dorm room I almost guarantee you will feel like working on homework – cleaning is weird like that.  And possibly doing a titch of Career Planning…  And since it’s only Thursday maybe you can finish your homework for the weekend AND discover three new job titles that sound interesting!  I challenge you to catch the cleaning bug and see your potential! 
If you want to take your cleaning one step further to complete dorm reconstruction, check out Apartment Therapy for small space help or Design Sponge for DIY projects…

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