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LinkedIn, Learning and Connecting

Remember how I mentioned LinkedIn earlier?  Here are some more details… First of all, did you know that currently a full 90% of new graduates will find their first jobs through friends, relatives, and professional acquaintances??  This makes LinkedIn truly IMPORTANT! LinkedIn is home to over 48 million professionals from around the globe, representing well […]

Find a Career Using the “Design-Build” Model

by Cynthia Favre, Career Center Director Federal stimulus money is being used to rebuild the main street of Saint Peter.  The engineers and builders are using “design-build” for this project.  That means that they have specific goals and a general vision of what the end project will look like, but they not laid out all […]

October Book of the Month

And the winner is: Career Opportunities in Health Care  by Shelly Field! Keeping with the ISJ and Jacobson Award opportunities, I would like to tell you guys about our October Book of the Month (October is apparently the unofficial “Health Care Month” in the CC). Don’t be fooled by the yawn-inducing cover – this book is […]

Have Dream, Will Travel

How’s this for an AMAZING opportunity: Traveling to Sweden or another country for interim, a semester, or over summer to explore the health care system in preparation for a future health career – and have all expenses covered! Maynard and Elaine Jacobson generously established a Gustavus endowment a decade ago to give pre-medical students the […]

Rainy Day Dreamin’

  The quiet thudding of the rain makes it so hard to leave the sleep haze of your blankets and pillows.  I have a brilliant plan that some rainy day I will take the day off work, make a HUGE, comfy fort in my living room, and stay in it all day reading cheesy detective […]

Wear Scrubs All Interim!

Internships in the health field are hard to come by…  Thankfully, Gustavus has been able to form a close relationship with Immanuel St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center that allows Gusties to walk through previously closed doors!  Over January, ISJ will host eight interns (who will receive academic credit for a  career exploration) and show them […]


Are you watching ABC’s Flashforward??!  I was hooked after the eerie ending to the premiere – still makes me shudder!  Check out the trailer to see what it’s all about: If you got to see 2 minutes and 17 seconds of what you would be doing a year from now, what would you want to […]